Facts on Friday

Gin Turnout

25 April, 2008

Gin turnout is a figure high on many people’s agenda at this time of year. Exactly what is it and why does it vary so much? Read More

Ginning for Quality - Part 2

18 April, 2008

How correct module moisture, avoiding contamination and communication with the staff at the gin are all essential in producing high quality bales... Read More

Ginning for Quality - Part 1

11 April, 2008

Some of the management decisions made at the very end of the crop can strongly influence the quality of the product that makes it into a bale. This... Read More

Cotton/Wheat Gross Margin Analysis

04 April, 2008

In much of the talk of the ‘soft commodity boom’ at present, cotton has being overlooked as cropping options this season. This week we pose the... Read More

Boll Rots and Tight Lock

28 March, 2008

An annual frustration for many growers is doing everything right to mature a good boll load, only to see a proportion of it fall on the ground due... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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