Facts on Friday

Sicot 71BRF - New Variety for 2008/09

24 July, 2008

This season sees the limited release of Sicot 71BRF which will further add to the stable of high yielding regionally adapted cotton varieties... Read More

CSD's Variety Performance Comparison Tool

18 July, 2008

The Variety Performance Comparison tool, located on the CSD web site home page offers cotton growers and consultants the chance to make varietal... Read More

Importance of Varietal Choice

20 June, 2008

Smart variety selection is critical to ensuring that you are able to extract the best result from this season’s cotton crop. Varieties should be... Read More

Micronaire down in 2007/08

23 May, 2008

Following two seasons where higher micronaire levels have been common, most growers are finding this season’s crop is in the ‘ideal’ range. The... Read More

Fallow Management

09 May, 2008

Management of fallows is important as weeds and other plants in the fallows can influence the risk of diseases and insect pest problems in... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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