Facts on Friday

Verticillium Wilt

18 January, 2008

Symptoms of Verticillium Wilt have been obvious in cotton fields this season. This is due to the more favourable seasonal conditions experienced in... Read More

January - A critical time in cotton management

11 January, 2008

January is one of the most critical months in terms of determining final yield and fibre quality of a crop. Careful monitoring at this time can... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

Limited Water Strategies
07 August, 2009
Difference between 15 and 12.5 bales
21 October, 2016
New Variety – Sicot 71RRF
17 July, 2009
Case Study: John Grellman Shield Winner
21 August, 2015
Volunteer Cotton Management
16 August, 2013

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