Facts on Friday

High yields - what to expect at first flower

06 December, 2018

Most cotton crops are now firmly established and are developing slowly towards squaring and into flowering. Some of the early planted crops in... Read More

Timing the first irrigation

23 November, 2018

After planting and establishing a plant stand, the next major management decision is the timing of first irrigation - and with many growers... Read More

Late plant options

16 November, 2018

There are several instances which now allow growers the option of planting later into the season: 1. Extension of the Bollgard® 3 planting... Read More

Setting the crop up - early season

08 November, 2018

Once the cotton plant is established, the main focus should be on how the plant looks and grows through the early vegetative phase and into first... Read More

CSD Ambassador Network - 2017/18 Season Summary

02 November, 2018

Each season the CSD Extension & Development team undertake analysis of the extensive dataset collected in the Ambassador Network, and compile a... Read More

Random Facts on Friday

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High yields – what to expect at first flower
01 December, 2017
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20 January, 2012

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